Megan Wilson sitting with her flowers along the AAM grand staircase, photo by Erin Feller.

Megan Wilson sitting with her flowers along the AAM grand staircase, photo by Erin Feller.

Deep gratitude to the following:

Asian Art Museum/Project Direction and Vision:  
Allison Wyckoff, Associate Director, Public + Community Programs

Asian Art Museum Team:
Deborah Clearwaters, Director of Education and Public Programs
Ami Tseng, former Director of Marketing and Brand
Dany Chan, Assistant Curator for Exhibition Projects
Kate Ritchey, Director of Creative Services
Tim Hallman, Director of Communications and Business Development
Erik Cline Director of Facilities and Operations
Kenneth McClean Facilities and Operations Crew Member
Triana Patel, Educator, Youth and Family Programs
Marie Applegate, Public Programs Coordinator

Overall Support:  Christopher Statton, my partner for his tireless support in helping to paint and install all phases of Flower Interruption: AAM

Graphic Design and Web Design:  Drake Manalo

Poetry on Art/Lit Living Innovation Zone mural:  Maw Shein Win

Asian Art Museum Documentation
Quincy Stamper, Photographer
Ze Shen, Creative Media Producer

Civic Center Commons Stewards Worked with:
Randy Carter
Ricardo Pena
LanAnh Hoang
Terry Lefoveur
Imad Dphrepaulezz
Bryant Breston
Bobby Gray
William Dorsey
J’Nae Chulu
Zulaikha Khalil
anicka Fields
Kareem Lacayo
Phillip Anderson
Anthony Benn
Terrance Blake
Ramon Fimbres
Anthony Hardnett
Joseph McCarter
Oscar Pena
Gary Wittenbach

Volunteer Support (in addition to Stewards):
Justin Yee
Jams Simon
Harriet Poznansky
Kyoko Sato

Flower Interruptionists:
Christopher Statton
Kyoko Sato
Paul Gaffney
Annie Gaffney
Drake Manalo
Dan Gudgel
Thomas Scandura
Maw Shein Win

Photography: Erin Feller

Master Printer:  Calixto Robles